Google+ to Picasa album redirecter

NOTE: since the retirement of picasa web, this now forwards you to a google album archive, which still gives you the option to download the full album, so still usefull for getting a large collection of images quickly.

By pasting a Google+ album url in the box below and hitting submit, you will be automatically redirected to the picasa web album equalient of that Google+ album. Since there is no posibility currently to download a full album from Google+, and Google+ does not always give you the option to view a particular album on picasa web, this tool is helpfull to easily get to a picasa web version of a particular Google+ album. From picasa web you can easily download the full album to your PC.
How to get the correct album url:
Click on the user avatar who's album you want to download in google plus to take you to their profile. Click on "Photos", locate the album you want and and click on it. The url in your browser should now be compatible with this tool, copy and paste, and your next stop is Picasa!

Update 28/11-13

This tool will now accept urls with user alias instead of the number id as well.

Google+ album url: