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SkillXan Brain Symbiant, Artillery Unit BetaXan Brain Symbiant, Control Unit Beta
Biological metamorphosis130130
Bow special attack130 
Chemistry 130
Computer literacy130130
Electrical engineering 79
First aid 130
Intelligence 66
Map navigation 79
Matter creation130130
Matter metamorphosis130130
Max nano 519
Mechanical engineering 130
Nano init 130
Nano pool 79
Nano programming 130
Nano resist 130
Pharmaceuticals 130
Psychic 66
Psychological modifications130130
Psychology 130
Quantum physics 130
Ranged energy130 
Ranged init79 
Sense 27
Sensory improvement130130
Time and space130130
Tutoring 53
Vehicle air 53
Vehicle ground 130
Vehicle water 130
Weapon smithing 79

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